Monday, January 22, 2018

Financial Blessing

Saint Expedite, please grant me a financial blessing quickly. I need 500 dollars to pay bills. Thank you St. Expedite.

Michele |

Dear St.Expedite prayer for fixing appointment with the doctor

Dear St.Expedite, please grant appointment with the doctor is fixed easily and effortlessly.
Thank you.


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Saint Expedite please help urgently

Dear St.Expedite please come to my aid urgently. Please provide me with the money to buy milk, bread, groceries and so on for my family this month. Thank you.


Saturday, January 20, 2018


Saint Expedite, also called Saint Expeditus, is regarded as the patron saint over all urgent matters and he acts speedily against procrastination. He is invoked world-over by millions of people in emergencies. 
Thousands have reported miracles in their lives especially those seeking immediate solutions in financial crises and other challenges in life.

Saint Expedite.

Prayer to St.Expedite


Thank you,St.Expedite

Thank you Saint Expedite for fulfilling my wishes.

My Prayer Request

Dear St.Expedite please help me urgently. Please bring me Rs.11,000 to pay a bill urgently. Thank you.

Thank you St.Expedite

This blog is dedicated to St.Expedite.
Dear St.Expedite please fulfil the wishes of all those who visit this blog and who post their prayer requests and thanksgiving to you.